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Classified Bullet Barn Guns and Firearms Bullet Barn Guns and Firearms

Bullet Barn Guns and Firearms

Classified Henry Arms H006 44mag Henry Arms H006 44mag

Back when the West was still wild and the rifle was the tool of choice for survival and frontier justice, the venerable .44-caliber put more meat on the table and outlaws in the ground than any other bullet. The West may have been tamed and fenced long ago, but its unbridled spirit lives on in this line of traditional big-bore Henry rifles. Don’t let the retro look fool you, these rifles are much more than shootin’ irons for today’s new breed of cowboy. They’re also the unbeatable choice of big-game hunters who prefer the traditional look, feel, reliability and accuracy that comes from an authentic Henry rifle. The traditional 20″ octagonal barrel is outfitted with a classic fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight with a reversible white diamond insert and a brass beaded front sight. The tubular magazine tops off at 10 rounds. Both the straight-grip stock and forearm are crafted of select American walnut accented with a brass barrel band and Henry’s recognizable brass receiver. All have that crisp, smooth action that sets an authentic American-made Henry apart from other lever action rifles on the range and in the woods today. “The Henry Big Boy received the highest score ever given to a centerfire lever action rifle in Outdoors Life’s Annual New Gun Test. “It’s slick, trouble free operation also helped earn it the best score ever given to a rifle of this type. Henry’s Big Boy .44 Magnum lever action charmed the rifle team with it’s smooth cycling, good looks and nostalgic configuration”

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Classified Diamnond Back DB15 300BLK Diamnond Back DB15 300BLK

Diamondback Firearms is proud to announce its NEW line of DB15 rifles made entirely in the USA! Starting with the tried-and-true, U.S. Military-proven gas-impingement system and using only the highest quality components machined in Diamondback’s CNC facility. The DB15 raises the bar when it comes to features and performance when compared to others. From the modified Diamondback aluminum four-rail handguard, to a variety of color, sight, and stock options, the Diamondback DB15 represents value and versatility all at a very affordable price. Contact your dealer or distributor TODAY for more information on the Diamondback DB15.

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Classified IO Inc AK47 Sporter 7.62x39 IO Inc AK47 Sporter 7.62x39

I.O.INC, the reborn Inter Ordnance, Relocated in summer 2013 to Florida. With the transition to the Space Coast, we have been able to hire top quality engineers and assembly personnel, who worked before for NASA and defense contractors. I.O. has invested heavily in new production and manufacturing equipment, as well as training policies and procedures for both assembly and customer service, in order to provide the highest quality manufacturing and service. Many members of our manufacturing team have also served our country in the armed forces. Our rifles, which are 100% US-made AK-47, AR 15 and 45 ACP 1911 Commander size pistols, go through a vigorous quality control inspection process after assembly. Every firearm we make is test fired and then checked for blemishes or imperfections by three different technicians (two gunsmiths and one manager). After quality control our rifles are sent directly to our shipping department and go out to our distributors and later to our customers. (Ellet Brothers, RSR, Classic Arms, Big Rock, Jerry`s, Baumler, Zanders, AIM, Centerfire Systems, Sports South, S.O.G., etc. Inter Ordnance manufactures the AR 15/M4 to the highest quality standards. Receivers are machined out of aluminum forgings. The bolt and bolt carrier are made of 8620 and 158 carpenter steel and are all Mil-Spec. We offer the AR-15 in 4 versions. Vietnam style, Colt, M 16 type AR 15 A1. AR 15 carbine M 4 style with carbine style round hand guards and front A 2 sight. The AR 15 carbine M 4 style with quad rail hand guard and a low profile gas block. The AR 15 car-15 Vietnam Area The AR 15 pistol. To serve the end user better, we are distributing our products through major distributors to provide wider availability. That means that our customers have better access to our goods through this vast distribution, dealer network. Purchasing I.O. Incorporated firearms assures that you are buying quality made in our U.S. homeland with qual

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Classified Mossberg 510 Youth 20 gauge Mossberg 510 Youth 20 gauge

From ez-reach forends located closer to the receiver, to its innovative super bantam stock spacer adjustment system designed to grow with the shooter, mossberg is one of the industry’s strongest advocates for promoting safe, enjoyable youth recreational shooting. FEATURES: EZ-Reach Forends, Reduced Length of Pull, Shorter Barrels and Adjustable Stocks designed to grow with the user. Dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and an anti-jam elevator ensure smooth operation. Top mounted safety provides for ambidextrous operation. Z-Reach™ forearm (12 and 20 gauge only) is conveniently located closer to the shooter for easier cycling operation. Each 12 and 20 gauge Bantam model includes a factory discount coupon good toward a standard sized replacement stock.

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Classified Smith & Wesson 642-2 38 spl Smith & Wesson 642-2 38 spl

SKU: 163810 Model: 642 Caliber: .38 S&W Special +P Capacity: 5 Rounds Barrel Length: 1.875" / 4.7 cm Front Sight: Integral Rear Sight: Fixed Grip: Synthetic Action: Double Action Only Frame Size: Small - Internal Hammer Finish: Matte Silver Overall Length: 6.31" / 16.0 cm Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame Stainless Steel Cylinder Weight Empty: 15 oz / 425.3 g Purpose: Personal Protection Professional / Duty

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Classified Charter Arms Leopard 38spl Charter Arms Leopard 38spl

It's a jungle out there. Predators are on the prowl from the Serengeti to your own backyard. Will you be the prey? Not with Charter Arms' new color transferred Leopard Skin Undercover Lite! Move up the food chain with this ultra-lightweight, 5 shot, .38 Special featuring fixed sights, a traditional spurred hammer and a 2" barrel. Bare your teeth against any predators that come your way!

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Classified Springfield 1911 A1 45ACP Springfield 1911 A1 45ACP

In the mid 1980s, the US military began the process of retiring their old warhorse. In 1985, Springfield Armory® in Geneseo, Illinois first offered newly manufactured 1911s to the gun buying public. The next 28 years firmly established Springfield Armory® as the leading manufacturer of 1911s – and the standard by which all other 1911s are judged today. 102 years and untold billions of rounds of .45ACP after its introduction, American shooters, law enforcement and elite military units the world over still rely on the immortal 1911 to get the job done. Whether you’re a prospective first-time 1911 owner or a discriminating collector, you’ve come to the right place.

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Classified Kimber Custom II 45ACP Kimber Custom II 45ACP

Kimber Custom II The choice of America’s best shooters. Kimber is the most popular 1911 pistol in the world and Kimber quality is unequaled by any other manufacturer. The Custom family is where it all began. Accuracy and dependability right out of the box The Custom II .45 ACP established the Kimber legacy by offering custom pistol performance for a production pistol price. Standard features ensure the kind of accuracy and dependability that made Kimber the most popular 1911 brand in the world, and 1911 ergonomics make it ideal for carry and defense. The Custom II has a match grade barrel, chamber, trigger and barrel bushing, along with a frame and slide carefully machined from solid steel. A 1911 fits almost any size hand and points naturally for faster and more accurate shooting, an advantage that is impossible to overstate. The single-stage trigger breaks at 4–5 pounds without the creep and overtravel common to other designs, and the 1911 safety system has never been equaled. Combined with the proven accuracy and performance of the .45 ACP cartridge, the Custom II is ready for everything from duty carry to recreational shooting and personal defense.

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Classified Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm

PX4 Storm Double/Single-Action Semiauto The NATO-certified Beretta Px4 Storm double/single-action semiauto is the culmination Beretta’s experience in engineering pistols for military and law enforcement. Absolute durability, reliability, ergonomics and interchangeability of parts have made it the choice of military and police professionals around the world. Its ease of use, safety of operation and sleek lines are also causing it to be a favorite for self- and home defense as well as for concealed carry. Available in a number of powerful calibers, the PX4 Storm is a handgun that will keep delivering premium Beretta performance even after years of hard use. Designed to meet the most stringent military standards of durability, the PX4 has been reported to fire well over 150,000 rounds with zero part breakages. Besides the essential simplicity of its design (fewer parts=fewer and more solid components bearing stress), the proprietary steel we use for this pistol was developed to be impossibly tough. Its safety system is also ultra-reliable, giving you automatic firing pin block as well as a flip-up ambidextous manual safety for extra peace of mind. All this is why a growing number of demanding government agencies and organizations are choosing it and using it in every environment imaginable--the PX4 just keeps delivering. he lines of the pistol are snag-free and make unholstering and reholstering easy and fluid, while the trigger guard is also rounded to facilitate the correct position of the supporting hand. In front of the trigger guard there is a Picatinny rail integral to the frame, allowing the easy mounting of laser devices, light systems or other types of accessories. The pistol may be adapted to different hand sizes and shooting styles thanks to a modular design with interchangeable backstraps. Also, the ambidextrous and reversible controls offer the possibility of easily training or shooting with either hand.

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Classified CZ USA 75 BSA CZ USA 75 BSA

The CZ 75 B SA (single action) is identical to the CZ 75 B in all aspects except that it has a single action trigger mechanism. The trigger is a straight blade type and is adjustable for overtravel. This version is perfect for sport shooting. CZ 75 B is used by more governments, militaries, police and security agencies than any other pistol in the world. The CZ 75 is quite possibly the perfect pistol. All steel construction (except alloy framed compacts) High capacity double column magazines Hammer forged barrels Ergonomic grip and controls Unparalleled accuracy Slide-in-frame design for better recoil control 3 dot sighting system (Tritium night sights available) Smooth double action and crisp single action Extended service life due to advanced design and superior materials Firing pin block safety Designed in 1975, the CZ 75 is the flagship model of the CZ handgun line with over one million produced. An entire family of pistols is available based on the basic CZ 75 design: compacts, de-xxxxers, single action only, ambidextrous, alloy frames as well as competition pistols. SPECIFICATIONS Product Name CZ 75 B SA – 9mm (low capacity) SKU 01150 Firearm Type Handgun Purpose Competition MSRP $612.00 Chambering 9mm Luger Magazine Capacity 10 Magazine Type Double Stack Frame Steel Grips Plastic Trigger Mech SA Sights Fixed Three-Dot Barrel Length 4.6 in Weight 2.2 lbs Height 5.4 in Width 1.4 in Safety Ambidextrous Manual Safety, Safety Stop on Hammer, Firing Pin Block Safety Product Name CZ 75 B SA – 9mm SKU 91150 Firearm Type Handgun Purpose Competition Chambering 9mm Luger Magazine Capacity 16 Magazine Type Drop-Free Frame Steel Grips Plastic Trigger Mech SA Sights Fixed Three-Dot Barrel Length 4.6 in Weight 2.2 lbs Overall Length 8.1 in Height 5.4

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Classified SMITH & WESSON M&P 40 SMITH & WESSON M&P 40

Meet the M&P from Smith & Wesson. Reinforced polymer chassis, superior ergonomics, ambidextrous controls, proven safety features. The new standard in reliability when your job is to serve and protect and your life is on the line. Available in .40S&W, 9mm and 357Sig. In the design of the M&P, we considered the needs of military and law enforcement from every conceivable angle. No other polymer pistol offers this combination of versatility, durability and safety. ALL BACKED BY OUR SMITH & WESSON LIFETIME SERVICE POLICY.

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Classified Glock 27 Glock 27

Small, light, accurate, powerful: all accurately describe the GLOCK 27. With its comfortable dimensions and the proven advantages of the GLOCK pistol family, the G27 is popular with police, both on and off duty. That's why so many law enforcement agencies issue this subcompact pistol, in .40 caliber, as their official backup pistol.

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Classified JD Machine Lower Receiver JD Machine Lower Receiver

Welcome to the JD Machine Tech Family. We have been in business since 1996 manufacturing for the military, defense contractors, firearms, engineering firms and various other industries. In recent years, we have manufactured firearms and firearm components for many industry leaders on a production level. JD Machine Tech is fully licensed to manufacture firearms and component parts in the State of California. With the introduction of the JD Machine line of 5.56mm/.223 and 7.62mm/.308 semi-automatic rifles into the firearm community, we know that our knowledgeable customers will be able to recognize the quality product that we produce. We typically allow our product to speak for itself, but offer the following background information as well. Old world craftsmanship and real world experience, coupled with the ability to create innovative products gives JD Machine Tech a unique insight on the industry as a whole, with special attention to the individual needs of the consumer. JD Machine Tech products are proudly manufactured at our facilities in San Diego, CA and Escanaba, MI, and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. If a part ever breaks, we will repair or replace it, free of charge.Our staff at JD Machine Tech includes masters in design, programming and machining. We have multiple armorers on staff and maintain constant contact with technical experts throughout the Military/Law Enforcement community and the firearms industry. JD Machine Tech takes pride in offering special discounts to Military & Law Enforcement personnel in recognition of and gratitude to their service, dedication and sacrifice. *Military/Law Enforcement discounts are only available in store or at a gun show. WE ARE GREEN Here at JD Machine Tech, we are committed to the preservation of the environment. From non-toxic coolant and fluids in the machines to the recycling of scrap material, we strive to make the world a better place for future generations.

Classified Spikes Tactical Lower Receiver Spikes Tactical Lower Receiver

Spikes Tactical Lower Receiver

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Classified Spikes Tactical Lower Spikes Tactical Lower

Spikes Tactical Lower

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